Biodegradable | pH Neutral | Anti-Viral, -Bacterial & -Fungal

The Posh Product range began as a means of treating my own pets’ skin problems. After trying various products on the market, I (with the help of my family) set out to develop a pet shampoo that would ‘cure’ my dog’s skin - and it worked!

While many other products on the market are just your normal tick and flea treatment, Posh Pooch is anti viral, anti fungal, and anti bacterial. This, I have discovered is vital in keeping skin disease at bay as well as protecting my family.

In addition, my products are pH balanced for dogs and horses. Many people do not realise that dogs have a different pH to humans and using ‘human’ shampoo or normal soap on your dog will make them scratch as it is acidic. Products that are pH balanced are essential for a healthy skin and coat. We only use high quality ingredients such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Oil to moisturise and condition the fur. Our products are also biodegradable so they are non-toxic and safe for the environment too.

The Posh Product range includes Posh Pooch Hygiene Shampoo (for dogs), Posh Pony Hygiene Shampoo (for horses) and Posh Paws Hygiene Wipes (for dogs and cats).

Posh Pooch